Robotics is divided into three parts: mechanics, electronics and programming. The most important part of a successful robot is designing a program that can tell the electronics to do precisely what you want them to do. Alpha Academy Robotics Courses are suitable for graduates of our Alpha Academy Mini-Robotics Courses, and our Computer Programming Courses who wish to apply their new knowledge to more complex robotic systems. Those, who have not joined our courses before, may wish to start off with our Computer Programming Courses to get a good foundation of programming knowledge before applying it to robotics. Alternatively, students can ‘learn as they go’ by building a robot, learn how to programme it, and eventually upgrade to a more sophisticated model.

The course will give each student the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills in coding and develop good programming practices. They will make the connection between codes and electronics as they program the robot to follow a series of instructions with the press of a button.

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